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admin | Saturday April 9, 2016

COLONIE, N.Y. -- As Kariann Morris will tell you, numbers don't lie.

"I've always been fascinated with research, always," Morris said. "It's just amazing what information we can uncover nowadays."

It's research, she says, that's behind a successful marketing strategy -- and is the key to her company MadAddie.

MadAddie is a marketing firm based in Ballston Lake that helps companies come up with strategies, from web development and social media to how to target more customers -- using technology to its advantage.

"What we can do is we can tell the client exactly what's going on," Morris said, "and exactly what strategies, what marketing channels work for the customer."

With all of the data collected along with a proper strategy, MadAddie says it can give companies an upper hand against its competitors.

"Their behaviors, what they like, where they go online, what they engage with, what content they like, what are they producing, what are they saying?" Morris said. "We have incredible tools that literally scour the internet."

MadAddie works with a wide range of companies, from the healthcare industry to government agencies. It has five employees who work on the strategy from beginning to end.

In the end, it's about the return on investment for the companies they help, and being part of their growth.

"Helping them convert new customers or clients is so satisfying," Morris said. "It builds a really unique relationship between MadAddie and its customers. We're a part of their business."

But before that happens, they have to do their research.

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