We Know Everthing About You!

admin | Sunday November 1, 2015

Local Woman Opens New Marketing Research Business, and She Knows Everything About You!

MadAddie Marketing is a provocative online marketing company with a foundation in thorough market research. Kariann Morris started the agency with the focus on detailed research. She wants to give this valuable information to her clients.

In today’s fast paced world, every customer activity is being traced in some fashion or form. Fortunately for your business, MadAddie has access to this information and will uncover the secrets to your competitors’ successes. Using their flawless combination of internet tools, MadAddie will provide you with a unique marketing strategy to outrank your competition in the online world. And with the tools to track your target audiences’ every behavior, your company will have no problem converting interested parties into loyal customers.

MadAddie’s marketing strategies are built upon the Addie Model, a five-step framework so effective it stands as the premier instructional systems development (ISD) program for the U.S Military. These five calculated steps guarantee you an organized process that creates a universal brand presence, pushing your company to the top.

MadAddie adds their own impact, sass, and style to the Addie Model. This comprehensive approach is the reason their marketing strategies drive conversion at every level. MadAddie's unique research and skill sets allow local and national companies to expand their products/services globally. MadAddie will help your company increase the bottom line.

Successful client projects in our portfolio include work for Albany Medical Center, Saratoga Hospital, MainFreight International Shipping, Emma Willard School, and many more.

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MadAddie LLC
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