Patricia Pendergast-Novo

Creative Chameleon | Witty Wordsmith

Give 10 different Chefs the same ingredients, the same cooking apparatus, and the same amount of time to complete a dish…and you will receive 10 different dishes, each with the unique perspective of each Chef. . That is what creativity IS. My background is in VICTUALS and VINES. I not only think outside of the BOX…I think outside of the BASKET. There simply isn’t ONE correct way to accomplish a goal…like a great dish, each ingredient in the mix contributes something vital to the whole.

That is the mindset that I bring to each and every project that I am involved in. When people are asked to describe me…2 words are used more often than others….creative and charitable. In fact, I have leant my creative spark to numerous charities, and consider my spirit of charity to be one of my MOST important personal attributes. If I am involved in something, I am committing 100 percent of ME.

I first studied English in College...yet, I searched for my true calling for several years. The most pervasive energy in me, however, was always creativity. When I enrolled in Culinary School, all of my light bulbs clicked ON. It fit me like my favorite well-worn Chef’s coat. Why? It sparked my creativity and allowed me to flourish. I continue to be actively involved, and have served as President of the Culinary Arts, Hotel & Tourism Advisory Board for 5 years. One of my beloved Professors said to me…”You are great at many things…but your passion lies in wine.” So, I bought a wine shop! I successfully ran this business for 15 years, before deciding that I needed a change from retail. What the experience taught me was invaluable, however. Some things you just can’t teach, and hospitality is one of them. You’ve either GOT it or you don’t. I currently teach Wines of the World to the culinary students at Schenectady County Community College and I drill this mantra into my student’s brains. I have been actively involved in numerous charities throughout my life…giving BACK to the community is another mantra …and I sing it LOUD and PROUD. I serve on the Board of Directors for CAPTAIN Youth & Family Services and am honored to do so. I also volunteer my time and creativity to numerous other charities.

So, what do I bring to the MadAddie mix? My way with words…my commitment to excellence and my hospitality prowess. I am one creative CAT. MEOW.

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