Caroline Casale

Relationship Guru | Creative Soul

As a young child I remember my father saying to me "Little girls should be seen and not heard" Oh boy, I think he got that one wrong. To his defense, he was from a different generation.However, he also taught me to be loyal and honest and two out three is not bad.

My educational background was in psychology because I loved learning about people and what made them tick.

My professional experience for the last ten years has been in marketing and communications.I've always been a creative and inquisitive person by nature I eventually realized strategic marketing was always in the forefront of my mind, compelling me to research new ideas and always dig a little deeper.Strategic marketing was not that much different from what I had been doing already, only taking it to the next level and I love it!

I value dependability, achieving success and growing as a person: intellectually and personally.

If you give a person the autonomy to be themselves, think outside the box and take risks it allows them to be passionate and superb at what they do.As a marketing professional, this is what I bring to the table.This combination of strengths and values is who I am.My job is not to sell you anything; my job is to help you or your companies become the best version of itself.

"My" definition of marketing:noun, | mar*ket*ing | ˈmär-kə-tiŋ, a mutually beneficial exchange of service that satisfies the needs and wants of a buyer…beyond their expectations.