Judd Krasher

Social Marketeer | Pride Provocateur

If you aren’t learning something new or meeting new people, you aren’t living. For me, that’s what’s life is all about. The world is full of so many fascinating places and people with infinite opportunities to expand our paradigms, enrich our minds, and help empower others. Marketing combines all of these experiences, that’s why I find it so fascinating.

I have been all over the place in the Capital Region. I grew up on New York’s Helderberg Mountains. I got started in political marketing early at 16 years old.

After graduating SUNY Albany with my Bachelor's in political science, I climbed the professional ladder quickly in the New York State Legislature. I began as an intern for a Brooklyn Assembly Member, then was brought over to the Assembly's communication unit where my passion for research and communication caught fire.

I was promoted to work as lead researcher for the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee and as a special assistant to the Speaker of the State Assembly. Folks too note of my talent became and was brought over to the State Senate as Director of Correspondence for Senator Jeffrey Klein.

When I’m not going mad at MadAddie, I’m blazing my own path representing my community on the City of Albany Common Council.

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