Natalie Pollard

Raving Marketing Analyst | Forever Explorer

Dun Dun Dun!! Natalie to the rescue!

If you ever want insight unto how you are perceived—ask your friends. When I asked mine how they would describe me, one responded, “You are a very generous person and a caring friend.” I suppose if for my entire life that was what I was known for... that wouldn't be so bad. But where’s the spark? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the madness?

Then one of my other friends said: “Natalie to the rescue.” When I read it at first, I was like haha very funny…but then the more I thought about it, I was like that is so me! I AM the reliable and responsible friend of the group. The one that will figure out how to get you out of a bind in a heartbeat, help you decide on next steps, advise you on how to make better decisions (and follow that advice myself, no hypocrites allowed!) These crazy super powers are all due to my uncanny resourcefulness, strong personal conviction, and direction. My belief is that where there’s a will, there’s a way and I WILL figure out how to find the best possible outcome.

Maybe you’re asking how these skills directly translate to business...fair enough. Allow me to elaborate a bit.

My passion and drive brings an extra value to client goals and projects. My talents are best expressed with enhanced quality outcomes for all product teams. I am easily able to anticipate required solutions and problem solve, in addition to producing deliverables on time and exceeding expectations. I have the advantage of being an excellent team contributor as well as having the written and verbal communication skills to complete projects with a high quality and fine details.

Recently completing a bachelors degree from the University of Delaware, I supported my academic degree with two years of formal leadership efforts in several organizations. My activities in the leadership positions culminated in developing a tracking system and executing the communication and launch of the new policies in an organizational structure.

After spending a year abroad working in France, I am thrilled to formally start my career with MadAddie Marketing, a full service marketing firm concentrating on International Marketing. Perfect for this travel enthusiast!

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