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Valentine's Day: Then and Now

Have you ever thought about the origin of Valentine's Day? Why do we celebrate it? Is it about more than just buying Valentine's Day cards, candy, and chocolate?
The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of St. Valentine remains a mystery to this day. It is known that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and St. Valent…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/valentines-day-then-and-now

The Olympics and Gold Medal Marketing | Summer Olympics | Gold Medal

MadAddie has its own incredible feats of strength in the world of marketing.
Tomorrow, the Summer Olympics begin in Rio! The MadAddie team is ready to root for #TeamUSA. We know you will be, too. While the divers are diving and he gymnastics are doing backf…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/olympics-and-gold-medal-marketing-summer-olympics-gold-medal

It’s #BadPoetryDay and that’s awesome

Seriously, it’s Bad Poetry Day. We didn’t make it up, but we are glad someone did!
A (bad) haiku: Summer heat wave, go! You make me long for days of blizzard and snowfall Hey, at least I stuck to the 5-7-5 rule. Seriously, though, it has been way too hot. If you…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/its-badpoetryday-and-thats-awesome

Bay State Elevator grows with elevator evolution | MadAddie Marketing

Great article on our client Wesley Horth​ of Bay State Elevator​ and how the 100 year old company is changing with the times. Bay State aims to rise with Albany's construction boom
When guests at the Renaissance Albany Hotel across from the state Capitol take one of the elevators in the lobby up to their rooms, Wes Horth can't help but smile.That's because Ho…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/about/about-madaddie/news-press/bay-state-elevator-grows-elevator-evolution-madaddie-marketing