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Independence Day USA

The story of #MadAddie's partnership with our Founding Fathers.
Now, hang on a second before you start questioning my sanity. In honor of Independence Day and our passion for marketing, let’s have some fun with exploring an alternate universe. …… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/independence-day-usa

The James Bond of Marketing

An inside peek into MadAddie’s spy operations
Since I was 12 years old, I have had an affinity for all things James Bond. I have watched every James Bond movie at least three times. 007’s ability to carry out his missions with…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/james-bond-marketing

Going mobile: It’s Not Rocket Surgery! | Marketing Strategies | Marketing Plan | MadAddie Marketing

Going mobile: It’s Not Rocket Surgery!
I know, I know, that is not the way the saying goes. It’s brain science. (Ha!).Seriously, it’s just a little joke between my best friend and I when we come across people who state…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/going-mobile-its-not-rocket-surgery-marketing-strategies-marketing-plan-madaddie-marketing

#HarryPotter Book Contest | New Harry Potter Book | MadAddie Marketing

MadAddie has our hands on the new #HarryPotter book! Want it? We know you do.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out July 30th! Now, I guess you could preorder. I guess you could wait in line for hours. I have a better idea. See, MadAddie, in our mad wa…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/harrypotter-book-contest-new-harry-potter-book-madaddie-marketing

A Mad Summer In Review | Summer 2016 | MadAddie Marketing

Summer 2016 was a blast. Here are some highlights.
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, it took a long time for Labor Day to get here?" Yeah, me neither. If time flies, then Summer moves at the speed of light. As we were flying…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/mad-summer-review-summer-2016-madaddie-marketing

Action...Action...YOU WANT ACTION!

Your website is built...your social media accounts are established..you even have over 500 LIKES!!! That's tremendous! Good for YOU! But...it's NOT good for your BUSINESS, unless t…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/actionactionyou-want-action

Dishing Up Derby

A little something different for this week's installment of Marketing Monday. The Kentucky Derby is perhaps, the most famous thoroughbred race in the world. "The Greatest 2 Minutes…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/dishing-derby

Dishing Up Derby: The HOT BROWN

Louisville's most iconic dish, The Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich.
Hey Y'ALL....Ever had a HOT Brown? Don't even have a clue what a HOT Brown is? Louisville, Kentucky is famous for many things, and The Hot Brown holds the title as Louisville's MOS…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/dishing-derby-hot-brown

Dishing Up Derby: MAD Hatters

Hold ON to Your HATS! Today's Kentucky Derby tradition is all about the chic chapeau. Donning a hat for The Kentucky Derby is a little bit of Southern tradition, a little bit spect…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/dishing-derby-mad-hatters

If It's Not One Thing...It's Your MOTHER.

Mother's Day blog post
A Mother and Daughter relationship can be a complicated thing, filled with laughter and tears...successes and failures...joy and angst. And, some of us are blessed enough to have a…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/if-its-not-one-thingits-your-mother