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#HarryPotter Book Contest | New Harry Potter Book | MadAddie Marketing

MadAddie has our hands on the new #HarryPotter book! Want it? We know you do.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out July 30th! Now, I guess you could preorder. I guess you could wait in line for hours. I have a better idea. See, MadAddie, in our mad wa…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/harrypotter-book-contest-new-harry-potter-book-madaddie-marketing

A Mad Summer In Review | Summer 2016 | MadAddie Marketing

Summer 2016 was a blast. Here are some highlights.
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, it took a long time for Labor Day to get here?" Yeah, me neither. If time flies, then Summer moves at the speed of light. As we were flying…… http://madaddiemarketing.us/resources/marketing-blog/mad-summer-review-summer-2016-madaddie-marketing