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Local Marketing Strategy
depends largely on the type of the business and the niche. An example of an industry that would want to target their local area is the healthcare industry. In the healthcare industry, hospitals and doctors focus on a particular community, unless they are nationally marketing a specialty. Even though hospitals and doctors usually service a specific area, patients have a choice between the different options within that community.

No matter the local business, we make sure that your business is the clear choice to the customers.

    MadAddie's local marketing strategy

    Just like for our international and national clients, we will begin our process with thorough competitor research and analysis.

    Next, we will implement a local marketing strategy to generate exposure and new leads. We employ a unique combination of channels specific to your needs.

    Some of the techniques within a local marketing strategy include:

    1) Improving your local search

    As a local business, it’s important to rank in both organic and local search packs. Top 3 is critical. If you're outside of that, you’re going to miss out on most of the traffic.

    2) Implementing local SEO

    Local SEO is similar to SEO with one exception: the goal is to not only rank on Google’s first page, but to also get listed in the maps section when users search for local services such as “Dentists in Phoenix.” It is virtually the same, with the exception for a few local tactics.

    3) Generating and managing reviews

    Today’s consumer is very different from consumers a year ago. Direct response marketing is nowhere near as effective as it used to be. Purchase decisions are now heavily influenced by our peers. It’s critical to get as many positive reviews on the bigger review sites such as Yelp, Google Plus, Dex and any relevant industry review sites.

    Getting listed on the top of the first page is one thing, but being at the top with the best review is a whole other playing field. Two years ago, as long as you were listed at the top of the first page, you would be picked more than anyone around you.

    Now, the person in the fifth spot will usually get picked more than the person in the first spot if they have significantly better reviews. Overall, users are looking for the best company and, let’s face it, those review stars really stand out.

    4) Marketing through social media

    Let’s say you own a catering company and you own a van that’s wrapped. I may not need a catering company if I am an 18-year-old simply driving around. However, if I’m a 26-year-old woman whose Facebook status just changed to “engaged,” chances are I’m now looking for a catering company for the wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, etc.

    How great would it be for your wrapped van to be put in front of ONLY those people who need what you offer? Well, that’s what social media marketing does. You’re able to put your advertising in front of people for just as long as you normally would with anything else online, except they have the ability to easily go back and look at your site.

    Simply put, social media marketing is great. It allows your brand and name to become more recognizable so that when someone does need a company like yours, you are the first to come to mind.

    5) Submitting your business to directory listings

    Another important area that can’t be overlooked is the power of citations and business directories. Getting your business listed on these sites is critical.

    The first big benefit is that directories generate a lot of traffic on the website itself. This can lead to more referring traffic to your website and increased opportunity to generate leads. The next big benefit of setting up citations and directory submissions is the fact that it can improve your ranking in the local results.

    6) Generating direct press

    Participating in local media is an affordable way to get your name out there and interact with the local community. Whether it be local television commercials, submitting press releases to local publications, or advertising in local papers and magazines, direct press is a sure way to generate more clients.

    7) Participating in target audience events and shows

    Engaging in community events that host your target audience allows you to build connections and network within your industry. Don't underestimate the power of face-to-face contact; it yields results!

    After the specific and unique local marketing strategy and local marketing design has been decided, we implement, test, optimize, and re-engage.