Dishing Up Derby: The HOT BROWN

patty | Tuesday May 2, 2017

Hey Y'ALL....Ever had a HOT Brown? Don't even have a clue what a HOT Brown is? Louisville, Kentucky is famous for many things, and The Hot Brown holds the title as Louisville's MOST iconic dish.

The idea is simple, really. Take bread...top it with Turkey, Bacon, Tomatoes. Simple enough. But...gild the lily with a sumptuous creamy Mornay Sauce? You had us at bacon.

The history of The Hot Brown dates all the way back to the 1920's, when The Brown Hotel would host a dinner dance each evening. After hours of sashaying, the guests would grow tired of tripping the light fantastic and would make their way to the Brown Hotel Restaurant for rest and repast. Chef Fred Schmidt, eager to create something for his guests that was a tad more glamorous than Ham and Eggs, crafted an open-faced turkey sammie...adorned with crispy bacon, tomatoes, and bathed in a delicate Mornay Sauce. BINGO. The Hot Brown was BORN. The Brown Hotel continues to serve this culinary icon. In fact, so many are devoted to the delightful dish, it's been featured in countless culinary magazines and cookbooks geared toward Southern Staple Superstars.

And...it's easy peasy to make for yourself and your Derby Party guests in your own kitchen.

Here's the ORIGINAL, MACK DADDY of 'em all...from the very kitchen where it originated...Ladies and Gentlemen....The HOT Brown. As featured on Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food".



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