Independence Day USA

admin | Monday July 4, 2016

Now, hang on a second before you start questioning my sanity. In honor of Independence Day and our passion for marketing, let’s have some fun with exploring an alternate universe.

Imagine a universe wherein during the Revolutionary War, the internet was in full-swing. The dastardly British Crown and their redcoats are winning the war not on the battlefield, but by mastering the art of SEO, online marketing, blogging, and social media.

General George Washington, staring at his computer screen, is overcome with fear with the Redcoats’ digital media savvy. The Queen’s Facebook page has thousands of likes, there are clever memes circulating mocking the colonial rebels, #GoHomeGeorge is trending on Twitter. He says to himself, “we need help and we need it fast.”

General Washington consults with Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Ben, ever the creative soul, has heard of role MadAddie played in getting the word out about the Boston Tea Party.

On Franklin’s advice, General Washington contacts MadAddie. MadAddie, loving what the rebels are trying to accomplish, freedom, are happy to help. There marks the turning point in the Revolutionary War timeline.

The revolutionary war weapons were not muskets and bayonets, they were the tools of the Mad Process of MadAddie. Hearts and minds were changed, the the mission of the revolution was spread across the colonies through powerful SEO and unmatched social media talent. Those were the revolutionary war battles.

What struck General Washington the most was MadAddie’s insanely detailed research into the enemy. He watched in awe over how MadAddie’s troops uncovered how people were thinking about the Revolution, the tactics the Redcoats were employing that were dominating the internet, and even going so far as to front as Redcoats themselves to totally understand what exactly the enemy was up to. No piece of information was trivial. Why did they choose their logo in such a way? How are they reaching into the homes of colonists without ever leaving a desk?

General Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin saw first hand what MadAddie did with all of that information. They turned it against the Redcoats, they perfected the operations of the colonists. And, in short order, America was independent.

...if only... (sigh)

The MadAddie team wishes you a joyous Independence Day but don't forget about the story of MadAddie's partnership with our founding fathers. Fiction, you say? Sure.

But, if you want to start a revolution in your own industry, you know where to find us after your Fourth of July fireworks.

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