The James Bond of Marketing

admin | Wednesday June 22, 2016

Since I was 12 years old, I have had an affinity for all things James Bond. I have watched every James Bond movie at least three times. 007’s ability to carry out his missions with charm, ease, and wit is nothing short of awesome. Who would have thought I would be part a real-life spy agency (of sorts) 16 years later?

I know. Here I go again with my hyperbole (see: MadAddie’s partnership with our Founding Fathers) but while MadAddie doesn’t have a License to Kill, we do have a License to Research. That is a dangerously powerful tool when it comes to outdoing and out smarting competition.

It isn’t often you get a peek into the workings of a spy, but as #MadSpies, I want to give you a taste of what our spy program is made of.

Let’s start with our spy gear. No, we don’t have watches with lasers, shoes with GPS trackers in them, or company Aston Martins. (I am heavily lobbying Kariann to make these investments, though.) We use, literally, some of the most sophisticated software to examine the behavior of customers and, coolest of all, look under the hood of our competition.

We can figure out what drives people to a company website, how people think about a particular industry or company, and what tools and tricks competitors are using to try to dominate their industry.

#MadAddie, like any good spy agency, values tried and true, old-fashioned tools, too. For example, let’s say #MadAddie is investigating a restaurant. We want to know what it’s like to eat there, what the customer service is like, how employees there handle customer complaints, and how they try to keep customers coming back to their restaurant.

There’s only one way to figure all of that out, go undercover. See, we don’t just sit in front of our computers. We go out in the field to figure out how a competitor operates, meticulously track their operations, and make a competitor profile that is second to none.

Who knows where our #MadSpies will pop up next. No matter the industry, if you want the help of #MadAddie’s #MadSpies, know that you will get information on your competitors that will be used to take your company to heights you might not think possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

With that, ladies and gents, I leave you with Johnny RiversSecret Agent Man.

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