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admin | Friday September 9, 2016

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, it took a long time for Labor Day to get here?" Yeah, me neither. If time flies, then Summer moves at the speed of light. As we were flying through Summer, MadAddie was hard at work and play. If Summer 2016 is any indication of what's to come for MadAddie Marketing, then the rest of the year, and beyond, is going to be something special.

It's hard to encapsulate our summer in one post. There are definitely some highlights, though. First and foremost, there are our awesome clients who are beefing up their websites, SEO, and social media strategies hardcore. Thanks to Glens Falls Hospital, Bay State Elevator, Leidos, Mainfreight, and CLA Site for being a part of our madness. We love working with each of you.

Frank was hard at work with this Summer with his virtual paintbrush creating insanely creative and eye-catching to create some of the best graphic design work I have ever seen.

Caroline was doing the necessary, but not always glamorous work, of spreading the word about MadAddie and teaching what our team can do to businesses that we think could use our help.

Yours truly was tinkering, turning the knobs, and pushing the buttons of our research machine to delve into the innards of our clients and their competitors.

We had the joy of having Martha with us this summer. Talk about talent. Martha is creative genius, research guru, and overall awesome gal who is now kicking some butt in college.

Then there's Natalie and Kariann. The brains and heart of the operation. Here are two women running the show in an industry that still isn't all that used to women being in charge. Every day (even on vacation days!), Natalie and Kariann weren't just keeping the ship afloat. No. They were and continue to revolutionize the marketing industry. MadAddie may be small in numbers. But what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. The quality provided to our clients is a direct result of Natalie and Kariann's leadership, smarts, and guts.

Enough work talk. We had a ton of fun, too.

The MadAddie team took a swing through NYC for Men's Fashion Week. (I must admit, I wish this was much more of a frequent occasion.)

We attended the Pride Center of the Capital Region's annual Pride Festival. Our mad tea party was a hit. You can be sure you will see us again in Albany's Washington Park next year.

There were a whole bunch of benefits and community events the team attended, too. I would mention them specifically here—Saratoga Hospital Gala and The Captain Youth and Family Services Unbridled Affair Gala. That's important for a couple reasons. The obvious reason is it's a good time. The other just as important reason is MadAddie believes in giving back whenever we can, especially to the Capital Region community.

Summer 2016 is now in the record books and what a summer it was. I think the best way to say adieu to the summer and commemorate how fabulous it was is to make use of the one and only Dr. Seuss. "Oh, the places you'll go," the good doctor reminds us. In the marketing world, I can say for sure that we will definitely be moving mountains.

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