The Power of the Hashtag #AMAs

natalie | Monday November 23, 2015

There is nothing more guaranteed to generate buzz than an awards show. With the beautiful gowns, crazy celebrity antics, and powerhouse performances, it is no wonder why they generate millions of viewers during their broadcast.

Last night’s award show fun? The American Music Awards. The AMA’s don't have the insane reputation like the Video Music Awards, but they still make for a entertaining Sunday night. How many people agree? According to variety.com, the AMA’s scored about 11 million viewers overall from 8pm-11pm, coming in second only to Sunday Night Football. Now if you're like me and you enjoy trolling twitter, there is nothing more powerful than a hashtag to entice you to watch something. And in the case of pop culture, the hashtag is everything.

According to social mention, #AMAs has a 194% reach and is currently the top hashtag. People are talking about everything from JLo’s bod, to The Biebs, to Arianna Grande’s Nonna, to that kiss between Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor. When it comes to award shows, no topic or opinion is off limits. By using a hashtag, everyone who shares in it is part of the conversation. That concept can be used for your business. Hashtags are awesome tools for marketing campaigns. Create a hashtag and direct your audience to a certain campaign, quality, or topic you want them to focus on. Involve people in the conversation. If Ariana Grande’s grandma can generate a following, so can you.

What kind of hashtags has your business used? Any ideas you want to run by us? Let us know!