There IS an "Eye" In TEAM

patty | Tuesday March 21, 2017

We held an informal meeting yesterday at our offices...and, after completing the punch list of action items that we need to address, our conversation morphed into a discussion on the meaning of TEAMWORK. What does it take to put a great team together? Do you all need to work in exactly the same fashion, or is it, perhaps, more beneficial that each cog in the wheel bring their particular vision and methodology to the whole? Like a great dining experience, it is the SUM of the parts that creates the most success. Which is more important? The main dish? The sides? The dessert course? EACH of these is an integral part...and just as each of these brings that "special something" to a meal...every member of our team brings with them their individuality, skill set, and "EYE".

An interesting question, and one that we discussed at length.

We all work differently. Some of us are UBER-organized, and pay attention to every detail, no matter how minute. Others have a million great ideas, but lack the organizational skills to best see their ideas come to fruition. Some of us think organically...still others in the abstract. Successful teams will recognize the strengths of every team member, and also realize that not every team member possesses the same skill set. How is YOUR team working for you? Are your different perspectives and work styles forming a strong network? Or, falling apart at the seams?

This is one of our core philosophies at madaddie. Every team member is valued for their individual MAD SKILLS and contributions...sales, marketing, organization, strategy, implementation, execution...every successful business needs ALL of these to survive. How do YOUR survival skills match up? Food For THOUGHT.

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