The Best Designs

The best designs occur when comprehensive research and imagination unite!

Once the identity of your brand is determined, the design phase begins. Based on our thorough research and analysis, we employ specific tactics to best increase your brand recognition. This creative phase includes designing new content, site-maps, and campaigns, while also building out your social networks, deployment channels, and new management procedures. This phase is the first step in executing any future improvements to your brand and showcases how MadAddie's creativity results in enhanced sales.

Our Brand Design Process is KISS

KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. Your brand needs to speak to the masses and explain who you are and what you offer in simple terms. So many brands forget the latter. In the online world with universal competition for market shares, this theory is most divine.

Here at MadAddie Marketing, we NEVER forget this. This is why we don't complicate our process for brand design and we keep it real - we literally and figuratively KISS your brand.

Brand Design

Branding a company is pretty simple once you understand your competition and review competitor brand research. The design concept flows from brand tool kit into reality at this point. All of MadAddie's brand design concepts stem from the following ideologies:

  • Competitor SWOT analysis
  • Balance between competitor brands and target audience(s) attributives
  • Grid of target audience acceptance and denial of brand perception
  • Color preferences
  • Graphics preferences
  • Typography target audience is attracted to
  • White space personality
  • Connection to target audience as a whole

Website Design

Designing a website is pretty simple once the brand research and strategy is complete. The design concept flows from brand tool kit and the final website development plan (Wireframes & Sitemap). With a solid layout planned, we build out the look and feel that properly represents your brand and image.

Utilizing Responsive Design, our website designers use "S" design theory which leads the end users eye down the page with leading text and images for all platforms. Our "S" theory includes seven key elements of style:

  • Balance
  • Grid
  • Color
  • Graphics
  • Typography
  • White space
  • Connection (website, social, email)
  • Responsive Design (Computer, TV, phone, Ipad)

Social Networking Design

According to Nielsen Online, social networks are now the 3rd popular kinds of online activities. 67% of the world online population are now visiting them and the time they’re spending on them is growing by three times the overall growth rate of the internet.

What does that mean for your overall marketing strategy? Everything. Because it's not just a social association, but also a global search ranking variable for your business. Once we define your target audience through research, we know what networks your brand should be positioned on. Whether it is FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM or any other social network we recommend positioning on, we provide the following:

  • Branded cover photos
  • Employee cover photos
  • Networking guidelines

Advertising Campaigns

Before you develop your advertising campaign, take note of your company's position in the market and determine where you'd like to be. Design your advertising campaign keeping the values, features and benefits of your product or service at the forefront of the campaign. Target the market you plan to attract with the product or service you're advertising. Create specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely goals for your advertising campaign. We use our research information on target audience and competition to help you decide whether to use social media marketing, advertising on blogs and websites, print advertising or radio and television commercials. Determine the specific tactics you want to use, based on your goals and budget. We test your advertisement on a focus group composed of your target market, prior to launch, and use focus group feedback to tweak the design as needed for optimal engagement.