Creating mad marketing strategies with a structured model for defined success.


Unless you know, without a doubt, which leads and sales result from each piece in your marketing mix...you're gambling on your own success.

Marketing Strategies - Whether your marketing strategy focuses on print or digital, it needs to create a spark of interest. It is this initial spark that will enable your business to ignite. If your current strategies are not creating this spark and helping you to convert leads into sales, it doesn't make much sense to keep them in the mix. At MadAddie Marketing, we are in constant communication with you. We pledge that you will know, at ALL phases of the process, which marketing channels are working for you, and how each piece of the marketing puzzle is contributing to the whole of your success.

MadAddie has flipped marketing on its head. Our marketing strategies drive conversion, that is, converting leads into sales, and we have the research and numbers to back it up. You will never have to wonder if your marketing is translating into RESULTS.

With MadAddie as your partner, you will know that you are getting your highest Return On Investment for the marketing strategies employed.

We are not just any old marketing agency; at MadAddie we go Mad for building marketing strategies. From concept to implementation and beyond, we are fanatical about providing marketing strategies with a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our marketing strategies are built upon the Addie Model. This five-step framework is so powerfully effective, that it stands as the premier Instructional Systems Development (ISD) program for the U.S Military. These five calculated steps will guarantee you a universal brand presence that blows your competition out of the water.

Of course, our mad marketers have put their heads together and adapted our own spin and style to the Addie Model. It’s the reason our marketing strategies drive conversion at every level, and it's one of the many reasons our clients are mad about MadAddie.



The scope and power of our marketing process is grounded in a substantiated model that drives results. The art of building marketing strategies that have the highest possible ROI for your unique organization is a very organic process. Our marketing process, customized to the needs of each client, includes five ongoing phases:

Marketing Research
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Design
Marketing Implementation
Marketing Optimization

Our process of research and analysis, design and development, and implementation and evaluation is how MadAddie drives conversion and delivers results.


marketing research has never been like this

You need to know what your competition is up to... right now...right this second! You need to recognize the subtle changes that are taking place in your market. You need to know how your target audience is using the web...what are they searching for and what methods are they using to find it. We dissect and evaluate these critical pieces of information for you. We never begin work on a project without doing extensive marketing research to learn more about your product, pricing, target audience, and competition. This is the basis for every project we undertake and it is what sets us apart. Let's sniff out what your competition is up to...as a team.


marketing strategies designed to talk directly to your customers

The most successful marketing plans are based on comprehensive research about your target audience, your competition and your target audience behaviors. If your current strategy does not include these elements, it's time to ask for a lifeline.
Once we have completed this analysis, we have a greater understanding of where your company needs to go in order to grow. Our team works together, utilizing all of our skill sets and experience to create an innovative and dynamic marketing strategy that puts you at the apex of your industry.


graphic design that makes your customers sit up and take notice

We eat with our eyes first. Your website needs to feed your customers with appealing and attention grabbing design and navigation. This is where research, innovation, and crazy imagination unite. We let our graphic design team loose in the creative lab where they design genius looks for brands, advertising, website structures, social networks, deployment channels, and marketing emails. This ensures that you visually dominate your competition.


Implementation brings all the pieces of this mad plan together

Your marketing program needs to generate lead after lead for your business. Our conversion making machine will ensure that it does just that.
It is time to pull the lever so the genius of MadAddie can live! Not only are we masters of marketing implementation, but being the mad scientists we are, we begin to immediately test and refine our creation. Our Marketing Implementation Services take the work that our marketing and graphic design teams have created and, using those guidelines, build working websites, social networks, collateral, mobile apps, SEM, and conversion tools.


Optimizing your plan to deliver the highest possible ROI

Are you making sure all of your marketing is tracked and producing the highest possible ROI? We do!
The madness never ends. We are constantly optimizing, updating, and tweaking the conversion-making machine in order to ensure your company is reaching its goals and achieving the highest ROI from all of your marketing campaigns.


want to unlock the possibilities?


Our free Marketing Planning guide is a great tool to help you begin planning your next marketing project. No matter if this is a new plan or if you are just adding a bit of madness to an existing plan our free guide will help put you on the right path.



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