Times Union | Morris starts research and marketing firm called MadAddie

admin | Saturday April 9, 2016

Kariann Morris, a local entrepreneur who founded Virtual Flow and Tech Valley Creative Minds, has started a third firm, MadAddie, a market research and marketing firm.

She has already signed up clients such as Bay State Elevator, Saratoga Hospital and Glens Falls Hospital.

Her biggest promise to clients includes not only using research and online analytics to drive marketing decisions but also proving a return on investment (or ROI) on the money her clients pay her.

Her firm, which does not have an office, has five employees, most of whom work at client sites or from the road.

“We track absolutely everything,” Morris said. “MadAddie is research driven and obsessed with measuring ROI. Our biggest differentiation from our competitors is that we deliver a return on investment, we track leads to conversion.”

Morris had most recently worked at Fingerpaint Marketing and then worked on her own as a consultant before starting her new firm in the last few months.

Morris sold Virtual Flow, a web design and hosting company, in 2005 to Fred Hosley, so she could start Tech Valley Creative Minds.

The name MadAddie comes from two concepts. First the “mad” comes from the idea of being a brilliant mind, like a mad scientist or Steve Jobs, and the Addie comes from a process design flow model used by the military called ADDIE that is an acronym for analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.