Introducing MadAddie's Superhero

admin | Thursday August 25, 2016

While I can’t say I’m a comic book expert, I am definitely a comic book nerd. Personally, I’m more of a Marvel Comics fan than a DC Comics guy. In other words, I think any of the X-Men are way cooler than Batman. Anyway, before I introduce you to MadAddie’s superhero, I took a survey of the MadAddie crew’s favorite comic book superheroes.

Kariann: Wonder Woman

Natalie: Superman

Caroline: Spiderman

Frank: Batman

Yours Truly (Judd): Gambit

Obviously, my choice is the most awesome. However, we at MadAddie may have the best superhero of them all, at least a marketing superhero.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to MadMamma. There are unconfirmed reports that MadMamma is the alter ego of Kariann. However, any time Kariann is asked about it we mysteriously forget what we were asking in the first place. Strange.

The MadMamma has many superpowers. My personal favorite is mind reading. This isn’t fiction folks. I’m serious. She can mind read.

You may be wondering how, so let me explain. Through the use of sophisticated tools, MadMamma can analyze how you think about just anything. Let me give you an example.

MadMamma knows when you’re searching around Google for Superman, she also knows you or your friends are probably also searching for the Batman vs. Superman movie, you’re looking for a way to stream the movie, you are looking at Superman’s logo, and you may even be shopping for a Superman t-shirt.

This is a really practical power if you are seeking the assistance of MadMamma. It all goes back to search engine optimization (SEO), driving customers to your website, and having a successful conversion strategy. If you know what people are thinking, then you know how to hook people into your business.

It’s why we place a huge emphasis on research. When I say research, I don’t mean some casual fishing around Google, I mean seriously detailed research. We look at every competitor, we look at every nook and cranny, we meticulously review online reviews, and we can how and what people search for on Google.

So, if you’re marketing strategy is in distress, have no fear, MadMamma is here. No need to put up any kind of bat signal. An email to us will do just fine. Before you know it, your brand will be (almost) as powerful as the MadMamma herself.

Who’s your favorite superhero? Share in the comments!



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