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admin | Thursday July 14, 2016

A kid’s lemonade stand. A New York City pizzeria. A Helicopter tour company. What do these three businesses have in common? They've all found ways to increase their sales using Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality game that was released earlier this month.

These businesses are doing more than just cashing in on a trend. They’re catering to a very specific (but wide-ranging) demographic of nerds and they’re clearly reaping the benefits.

I’ve seen a lot of different definitions of the word “nerd,” but most of them include these three elements: studiousness, some degree of social ineptitude, and an obsessive interest in something.

An obsessive interest is a powerful thing. Obsessions power the boy band industry, the fantasy football industry, as well as some nerdier things, like the video game and comic book industries. People who are obsessed with something are more likely to attend events, buy lots of products, and talk about their interest with their friends. It’s just good for business.

Social ineptitude (or the memory of it) is a significant part of it. The nerds who companies want to market to are the ones with their own money, who are 16 and older. Plus, if their studiousness continued, these nerds likely found jobs that give them disposable income for their interests and hobbies. By this time, the worst of the social ineptitude (aka middle school) is likely over, and the nerds have found (or are finding) their niches. They’ve found other like-minded people to attend comic con with. They’ve learned where and with whom they can break out their nerdiness, and where they have to rein it in.

Now this is just a theory, but because of the memory of social ineptitude and exclusion, nerds are extra willing to go to places where they know their nerdiness is welcome.

And there lies the genius of marketing to Pokémon Go players. There are already so many people playing (myself included). If we find a place where they’re comfortable, we’ll come back. Since we nerds are often obsession-prone, we have the potential loyal customers who sing the praises of a business to our other nerdy friends, which ends up being good for everyone.


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